Interview of the “french swiss-knife”.


Interview of the “french swiss-knife”.

For all the french fans and esport professionals, it’s hard to miss one of the most talented french players: Nicolas « NiCOgdh » Moret. Evolving during all his Overwatch carrier as an offtank and DPS, he’s today capable of playing almost all heroes of the Blizzard’s FPS. His experience and achievements testify of his daily hard work, with several major victories with team Rogue and recently his mates from Eagle Gaming. NiCO will be, without a doubt, one of the assets of Team France for this Overwatch World Cup 2018.

A little detour on his Liquipedia’s page is useful to understand how big his talent is.

Tristan Karache : After your selection in 2017, you were chosen one more time to represent France in the Overwatch World Cup. How did you live the announcement?

NiCOgdh : I felt very proud. Representing my country in a video game played by more than 40 millions persons, it’s a real honor for me. I want to get my revenge on South Koreans, that’s why I did all I could to be selected in the french team one more time. I’ll be a substitute, so I won’t be able to play all the matches, but I’ll do my best on maps where I’ll be fielded. I was informed of my selection shortly before the announcement on Twitter and my first reflex was to call my parents who were awaiting to know if I’ll wear the France’s colours this year. Naturally, they were rather proud hearing the news.


TK : How were the trials? Were you confident about your chances to be selected?

N : I was rather confident, but I knew it would be hard and, to be honest, I think I could have done even better during the trials. Daemon had only two weeks to test about 70 players while respecting a certain form of equity for all. As a DPS, the actual meta is mainly focused on Widowmaker and Hanzo, two heroes that I almost never played in official matches… There were Asking and SoOn on the same spot, it was a top level challenge... As of today and after a lot of work, I think I became a strong Hanzo.

My role in the Team France will be either Offtank, or DPS. It’s not simple for one player to master both roles. I think it’s one of my assets and it worked on my favor. When the meta changed, I played a lot as an Offtank in Eagle Gaming. Since the trials, I trained very hard to recover my previous DPS level.


TK : This 2018 french team is composed of Unkoe, Soon, AKM, Poko, Winz and BenBest, mostly ex Rogue and Team France 2017 players. What do you think about this selection?

N : I played with them for 8/9 months in the past and I really loved it. We succeeded to win a lot of tournaments. We often chat together to getting news, talking about the Overwatch League and so on. I like their ultra competitive spirit. They hate losing if only a scrim and I’m the same. I give everything because I want to win everything, without exception. I find this mentality in Eagle Gaming too. They are just different personalities and I like to play with eagles as much as playing with ex Rogue. In both cases, they are my friends and I’m eager to play with them again.

I agree with the french team composition, in my eyes they all deserve to be selected. Some have doubts about the choices made, especially about Winz. I played with him during months and I can say he’s one of the smartest player I’ve played with in Overwatch. He is World Champion on many games, he’s got a lot of LAN experience and a very good game sense. I have no doubts about him or the team and I think that with a proper intensive training we are able to go far. We’re all about trust. If later we lose matches, then the community will judge us, but for the moment, it’s too early...


TK : You will play both Offtank and DPS in Team France, but lately you played a lot offtank. Aren’t you afraid to be “rusty”? Which heroes do you think you’re going to play during the World Cup?

N : We decided, with the Eagle Gaming staff, to give me more flexibility. Apart from team trainings, I practice a lot several heroes in competitive games. Since I play Overwatch, I’ve always switched between offtank and DPS, so today, I’m capable of managing my hero pool. Concerning the Team France, there are big chances that I’ll be the Genji again. In the triple tank composition, I think Poko will be Zarya and I’ll play D.Va. In other compositions, it’s possible that they will ask me to switch between Hanzo, Brigitte, Pharah, Tracer or even Junkrat. A swiss-knife role! So I’m going to train all the offtank and DPS heroes, especially the projectile specialists.

NiCOgdh has always been in the starting line-up for Eagle Gaming in official matches, despite there are 12 players available.

TK : According to you, what are the assets and weaknesses of this Team France?

N : For the moment, I can’t tell, because we haven’t had real trainings yet together. The preparation will only start in August because there are people engaged in Overwatch League playoffs and others, like BenBest and me, are playing the Overwatch Contenders regular season… But I think the actual meta could provide us a benefit because SoOn is currently one of the best Widowmaker players.


TK : During the France Qualifier, you will face United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Germany and Netherlands. Do you think the rooster can get away?

N : I think we have a good chance to succeed. United Kingdom can be a threat because they have very good players. But I trust in my team, we have many Overwatch League players, we have a strong competitive spirit and are hard workers. I participated to major competitions abroad, but it will be my first time in France. Playing in front of a french public will be a good thing for us, they will give us an even bigger desire to do our best. We will have the support of our friends and families. Personally, it will push me to play like never before to show them what I’m capable of because I want to make them proud.


TK : Which teams do you fear the most? Any player in particular?

N : Obviously, everybody suspect South Korea will be the best team, because they have the best players for every role. I don’t need to specify that we will fear them… They have Saebyeolbe and Libero who are, I think, the bests. Fleta dominates on all his picks. Fate is one of the best tanks at this level of competition, with Fissure. I think everybody heard about JjoNak who can make as many damages as a real DPS player… This year again, this is the team to defeat!

There’s Sweden… Finland will be there too and they have very good elements like Taimou or LiNkzer. Then, Canada and United Stated will be formidable opponents thanks to players like Agilities, Bani, sinatraa and ZacharEEE. We will keep an eye on these teams. Finally, China could surprise everybody if they align the players of their best Contenders team. These guys are really good.


TK : What is your goal for this World Cup?

N : The goal is unchanged, we want to bring the Cup home. The challenge number one will be to defeat the “korean monster”. Last year, I think we could have done it if we didn’t have spent so much energy in the match against China. Last week-end, the french football team won the World Cup in Russia and we’d like to realize the same achievement on Overwatch for the french community happiness.


TK : During these major events, like greatest athletes, do you have one or several rituals to bring luck?

N : I don’t really have rituals, but I always have a bottle of water with me. After each map, I drink a sip. I believe it helps me to stay focused. I even do this during trainings. I don’t think it would make me lose if I wouldn’t have water, but maybe it could affect me even just a little…